Where is Imran Khan in Adiala Jail? Security Alert issued after Bomb blast threat

In a proactive response to a recent security threat, authorities at Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi have swiftly mobilized to enhance security measures, ensuring the safety of detainees, including prominent political figures like former Prime Minister Imran Khan.
The alert was triggered by an anonymous call received on January 30, purportedly from Afghanistan, threatening to detonate a bomb within the premises of Adiala Jail within three days. This alarming communication prompted Deputy Inspector General of Prisons Rawalpindi to promptly inform the City Police Officer (CPO) and request stringent security protocols.
While the caller’s identity remains unknown and the source of the threat unverified, authorities are not taking any chances. The DIG of Prisons underscored the sensitivity of Adiala Jail, housing high-profile political detainees and individuals associated with extremist organizations.
The urgency of the situation was further emphasized by referencing a recent attempted attack on Mach Jail by terrorists affiliated with a banned group, which was fortunately thwarted by vigilant security personnel.
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In response to this imminent threat, security measures at Adiala Jail have been significantly bolstered. The CPO Rawalpindi has been urged to expedite security enhancements, ensuring the safety and security of both inmates and staff within the facility.
This swift and decisive action demonstrates the commitment of authorities to preempt and neutralize any potential security risks, safeguarding not only the inmates but also the broader community. Despite the threat’s origin being unconfirmed, the proactive approach taken by law enforcement and prison officials serves as a reassuring reminder of their dedication to maintaining public safety and security.
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