We are not billion tree people, we do what we say: Nawaz

Former prime minister and Pakistan Muslim League-N supreme leader Nawaz Sharif took aim at the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government’s promises during an electrifying election rally in Faisalabad on Friday.
Sharif questioned the fulfillment of PTI’s pledges, particularly regarding housing and employment, while emphasising PML-N’s commitment to delivering on its promises.

In a fiery address to the public meeting, he directly challenged PTI’s track record, asking if anyone had received one of the promised five million houses or if unemployment had significantly decreased as pledged. “PTI promised 5 million houses. Has anyone got a house? Any person present in this meeting should raise his hand who has found a house? We are not billion tree PML-N. “They say this youth is with someone else, no, this youth is with PML-N,” he asserted, taking a veiled swipe at PTI founder Imran Khan.

The former prime minister also criticised PTI’s failure to address unemployment, highlighting the need for job creation.
He directed a message to his younger brother, Shehbaz Sharif, urging him to prioritise employment during his tenure. “After five years, no one should be seen unemployed here. Shehbaz Sahib, you only launched the metro bus project here, there should not only be a metro bus but also an orange line bus,” he remarked.
Nawaz pledged to improve the country’s infrastructure, promising to expand motorways and reduce the cost of essential commodities upon returning to power. He vowed, “Even if you say no, we will make more [motorways]… after coming to power we’ll make bread, gas, petrol, sugar, and flour cheaper.”

Meanwhile, Senior Vice President of PML-N, Maryam Nawaz, echoed Sharif’s sentiments, emphasising the party’s focus on service and performance rather than engaging in mudslinging politics.
She praised the achievements of PML-N and criticised PTI’s tactics, stating, “PML-N does not contest misbehavior, does not respond to misbehavior, it does not abuse, does not politicise accusations, does not call anyone a thief… in fact, it competes in service.”
She said that ‘Hakeem’ Rana Sanaullah did such a cure and showed such wisdom that neither the sick is anywhere to be seen nor does his sickness.

The rally saw enthusiastic participation from supporters, with placards bearing slogans highlighting Sharif’s tenure and contrasting it with PTI’s governance.