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Rabies vaccine
Balochistan, which is already struggling with health care issues, is now facing a particularly worrying situation – a severe shortage of rabies vaccine. The shortage of this life-saving item not only poses a direct threat to individuals at risk of exposure to rabies, but also raises concerns about the potential for a widespread public health crisis.
However, rabies is a viral disease that can be prevented and transmitted through animal saliva and it is fatal once symptoms appear. It is crucial to administer the rabies vaccine promptly to prevent the disease from onset after exposure. In Balochistan, it is now a daunting challenge to obtain this essential vaccine. The shortage of rabies vaccine in the region is caused by several factors, such as inadequate supply chains, logistical challenges and a lack of awareness about the importance of rabies prevention. The absence of immediate intervention could lead to an increase in incidents of rabies-related fatalities which would put further pressure on an already strained healthcare system.
Atta Shad
Roadside restrooms
In today’s era, road travel has become increasingly popular, particularly during vacations, with many families owning cars and opting for road trips to hill stations and different cities. However, a critical concern is the lack of clean and hygienic public toilets along highways. This shortage poses a significant problem as unclean restrooms can contribute to the spread of diseases, especially in developing countries already grappling with numerous challenges.
It is imperative for the government to take proactive measures in addressing this issue. Establishing a sufficient number of well-maintained public toilets along highways should be a priority. Additionally, stringent regulations should be implemented to ensure the hygiene standards of restrooms at restaurants and rest areas on highways. The government’s role extends beyond mere infrastructure development; it also involves actively promoting awareness campaigns to educate the public about the health consequences associated with unhygienic restroom facilities.
By tackling this aspect of public health and infrastructure, the government can contribute significantly to the well-being of its citizens and mitigate potential health crises in the country.l
Crucial road repairs
I am writing to draw the attention of the relevant authorities through the esteemed columns of your newspaper to address the deplorable condition of the roads in our locality. I am a resident of Dera Ismail Khan, one of the largest cities in KP, renowned as a pivotal trade junction connecting Punjab, KP and Balochistan. Despite this distinction, the state of our internal city roads is distressing, as they are in a pitiful state of disrepair. All major roads are in a dire state, causing substantial inconvenience and posing safety risks to residents and commuters. This issue significantly hampers the city’s functionality and accessibility, impacting businesses and daily life for countless individuals. I implore the concerned authorities to take immediate action to address this pressing matter. Repairing and maintaining these roads is crucial not only for the convenience of citizens but also for the economic vitality and safety of our city.
Your assistance in highlighting this issue would be immensely appreciated, bringing much-needed attention and action from the appropriate authorities.
Dera Ismail Khan
War’s toll
The tensions amidst global powers and Russia-Ukraine and Palestine-Israel war all are escalating, and fuelled by none but the so-called ‘Super power’. These regional and global conflicts have pointed to irrefutable fact that the winner of the war is not amid them, albeit, it is not directly involved as well. Notably, other actors who win and make hundreds of billions of dollars benefit from the wars will so far never want peace in the world as their ‘business of war’ will be prone to a grave loss.
On the same note, US is the largest arms exporter of the globe, and it has never contributed to maintain peace in this global village. Rather it will find a way to produce tensions between two or more countries and turn it into an opportunity for self. Wars, moreover, are the lifeline for them who make profits, and as repercussion make the humanity suffer which will take ages and generations to recover. The best instance to justify this narrative, we need to look upon the America’s tactics in the ongoing war of Palestine and Israel. It provides military aid to one (Israel), meanwhile, humanitarian aid to another (Palestine). However, it must have tackled this war through course and dialogue, and then ceasefire could have been possible. But no, because its whole attention was how to get further profit from this deadly war. US remained a staunch supporter of the Zionist state of Israel which has slaughtered more than 22,000 – and continuing, innocent civilians including women and children only in the name of ‘Hamas’.
Similarly, for them living human beings are just pieces of meat and nothing but pieces of meat. At last, their military revenue, a business in a capitalist system, is going to further emancipate as global tensions are arising. Hence, it is apt to say, humanity will continue to bleed and suffer so far and peace would be just a myth. In the words of German Pacifist Karl Liebknech, “For capitalism, war and peace are business and nothing but business.”