Use of unapproved COVID-19 vaccine on People in Pakistan

According to media reports, Pakistan is likely to receive 500,000 doses of the updated Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in January 2024. Media reports further state that the JN.1 sub-variant has not yet been detected in Pakistan. Additionally, the COVID-19 positivity rate in Pakistan is quite low, less than 1%. Saudi Arabia’s government has not imposed any conditions so far to proceed for Hajj without being vaccinated against COVID-19 infection. The decision to withdraw the advisory for COVID-19 vaccination was made in compliance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and after considering the latest authentic published work. For this reason, the United Nations (UN) is no longer supporting COVAX, an international initiative to provide COVID-19 vaccines worldwide.
According to authentic scientific literature, the COVID-19 virus causes illness by targeting human body functions at different levels, including epigenetic mechanisms. Due to this, COVID-19 vaccines confer minimal protection for a limited time, potentially carrying a high risk of causing long-term adverse consequences. Generally, children do not contract COVID-19 virus infections. Furthermore, the administration of COVID-19 vaccines in children can put their natural health and growth at high risk.

Diet preparations, such as Chicken Nutrifortified Broth and Ginger Fortified Honey Mixture, reported by me, have been proven to play a prophylactic and therapeutic role against COVID-19 virus, including all variants and sub-variants. The use of these diet preparations has significantly contributed to eradicating COVID-19 from Pakistan and other countries. This is evident as Pakistan has been declared the “best-performing destination” in tourism, according to the ‘World Tourism Barometer’ published by the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations.

Papers authored by me on the molecular mechanism underlying COVID-19 infection, based on the latest understanding of knowledge, are already under review for publication in well-reputed journals by Springer Nature. WHO has also withdrawn support for the advisory regarding the administration of COVID-19 vaccines based on authentic published findings.
As reported by media, the updated COVID-19 vaccine by Pfizer has not been approved by the United States of America’s regulatory organization, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Considering the aforementioned facts and the reality that COVID-19 vaccines confer minimal protection for a limited time, potentially risking natural health adversity, it is a matter of great concern that the COVID-19 updated vaccine by Pfizer, particularly the one not approved by the FDA, has been imported by Pakistan for administration on high-risk groups, including Hajj pilgrims before embarking on the Hajj, and on children.

This is a very serious matter that needs careful review by concerned authorities to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the natural health of people in Pakistan and to avoid fulfilling unregulated research ambitions, with or without commercial benefits.
-The writer is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Karachi, Pakistan.
—The writer is Assistant Professor

Department of Food Science and Technology University of Karachi.
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