US eases visa requirements for visit, and study visas; Check all details inside

ISLAMABAD – The United States announced easing visa restrictions, as it shared updated eligibility requirements for non-immigrant visa interviews.
Washington hosted a large number of international students, with the country remaining among top destinations for higher education due to its finest educational institutions, diverse academic programs, and research opportunities.

Lately, the US Department of State has made changes in pre-requisites for all non-immigrant visa interview waivers, and with the new changes, the applicants will be able to get study and visit visas without appearing for an interview.

As applicants will have new eases, the requirement still persists.
It further said applicants may be eligible for a visa interview waiver if they get a non-immigrant visa — excluding B visas — and are applying within 4 years of the expiration of their last visa.
A statement issued by US state department said Consular officers still require interviews on case-by-case basis or in some other conditions.

Officials advised people to check embassy and consulate websites for more detailed information about visa application requirements and procedures.
Let it be known that Washington requires applicants to submit application with no visa denial or must not appear to be ineligible to qualify for visa interview waiver.
If you are applying from Pakistan, please visit

U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Pakistan