UHS distributes laptops to 48 medical students

LAHORE – The University of Health Sciences (UHS) on Friday distributed laptops to 48 students selected under the Prime Minister Youth Laptop Scheme Phase-III.
Addressing the ceremony, Vice Chancellor Professor Ahsan Waheed Rathore highlighted the crucial role of information technology in healthcare.

Recognizing the laptops as essential tools for healthcare professionals in the modern age, he highlighted their role in accessing medical research, staying updated on advancements, and participating in collaborative learning environments.

The distributed laptops, he noted, are not merely devices but gateways to knowledge and resources that will enrich the academic journey of the students.
Encouraging the recipients, the VC urged them to utilize the laptops for searching medical literature, engaging in online forums, and leveraging technology to enhance patient care.
For those not selected, he offered words of encouragement, emphasizing the fierce competition and urging them to view this as motivation to double their efforts for future opportunities in subsequent phases of the Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Scheme.