Two Pakistani women cricketers beat their teammate 

RAWALPINDI – A shocking incident unfolded within the Pakistan women’s cricket team, tarnishing the spirit of the game during the Women’s Champions Trophy.
Two players Sadaf Shams and Yasra allegedly assaulted their teammate Ayesha Bilal during the National Cricket Champions Trophy held recently.

According to the reports, the altercation took place within the confines of their hotel, where Shams and Yasra reportedly ganged up on Bilal, resulting in severe physical harm.

Ayesha Bilal sustained injuries, including bleeding from her nose, as a consequence of the alleged assault.
The distressing incident occurred while the team was preparing for the tournament, casting a shadow over their participation.
Following the incident, Ayesha decided to come forward and formally lodge a complaint with the team management.

However, the response from the cricketing board sparked controversy.
Instead of implementing stringent measures, the board opted to impose a one-match ban on each of the involved players – Shams, Yasra, and Bilal.
This decision stirred outrage among cricketing circles and fans alike, and raised questions about the efficacy of disciplinary actions within the sport.

The critics argued that such leniency failed to address the gravity of the situation and undermined the principles of fair play and sportsmanship.
Amidst mounting pressure, the cricketing authorities announced that a thorough investigation into the incident would be spearheaded by the Chairperson of Women’s Cricket herself, and strict action would be taken on the basis of findings.