Trophies, awards distributed among players

Khuda Bux Brohi
Haji Ali Hassan Zardari, in a resolute statement, emphasized that mass service remains a cornerstone of the PPP’s policy and party manifesto. Dedicated PPP workers, unwavering in their commitment, tirelessly uphold this ethos as they continue to fulfill the noble mission laid out by the party’s founders, Shaheed Zulfqar Ali Bhutto and the late Chairperson Benazir Bhutto.
During the concluding day of the Haider Memorial Tournament, where Shorki Eleven and Deewan Rind Cricket Clubs showcased their prowess, Haji Ali Hassan Zardari underscored the significance of sports in fostering a healthy and fit youth. He linked the engagement in games to combating the menace of narcotics, while also acknowledging the vital role they play in providing opportunities for talented individuals to represent the nation on the international stage.