Transgender Nayab Ali allowed to contest election

MULTAN – In a recent development, the Election Tribunal has decisively dismissed an appeal challenging the acceptance of nomination papers for transgender Nayaab Ali’s electoral bid.The appeal, lodged by Multan voter sought to contest the approval of Nayaab Ali’s candidacy.The hearing, presided over by Justice Arbab Muhammad Tahir of the Islamabad High Court’s Election Appellate Tribunal, concluded with the rejection of the appeal.This decision solidifies the acceptance of Nayaab Ali’s nomination papers, paving the way for her participation in the upcoming election.Justice Arbab Tahir, not swayed by the appeal, upheld the Returning Officer’s initial decision, emphasizing the legitimacy of Khawaja Sara Nayaab Ali’s candidacy.The Election Tribunal’s stance reinforces the integrity of the electoral process and affirms the adherence to established protocols.