Training schedule to be announced next week for Hajj

Islamabad: Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Aneeq Ahmed, has announced comprehensive plans to further streamline the Hajj pilgrimage experience for Pakistani pilgrims, with the release of a detailed training and biometric schedule slated for next week.
In a recent meeting with Ambassador Nawaf bin Saeed Ahmad Al Maliky of Saudi Arabia, Minister Aneeq Ahmed emphasized the Ministry’s commitment to providing enhanced facilitation for the upcoming Hajj pilgrimage scheduled for June this year. He highlighted the convenience offered to Pakistani pilgrims, who can now complete their Saudi visa biometrics from the comfort of their homes, thanks to innovative initiatives introduced by the Ministry.
Acknowledging the efforts of the Pakistan Hajj Mission, Ambassador Al Maliky congratulated the organization for being recognized among the top three award-winning countries. He commended Minister Aneeq Ahmed’s dedication to ensuring smooth Hajj arrangements and facilitating pilgrims, while also praising the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony and the Pakistan Hajj Mission for their exemplary services related to Hajj.
The recently conducted balloting for pilgrims applying through the government Hajj scheme has already been completed, providing clarity and transparency in the selection process. Additionally, the introduction of the Short Hajj package and the continuation of the Sponsorship Scheme aim to accommodate various preferences and financial capabilities of pilgrims.
Under the Long Hajj package, which includes a 38-42 day journey with an 8-day stay in Medina, pilgrims from different regions will have standardized costs, ensuring equitable access to the spiritual journey. Similarly, the Short Hajj package offers a condensed pilgrimage experience lasting 20-25 days, with costs varying slightly based on the region of departure.
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