The stock market maintains its upward trend despite volatility

KARACHI: The stock market has exhibited early-day volatility in line with the previous trend since the start of this week’s trading on Tuesday.
The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) has shown a range of results throughout the week, with a positive finish for the majority of it.
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The benchmark KSE-100 index had a good start to the day on Friday with a gradual hike, but it soon posted steep gains and steep losses. After opening at 64,639.15 points, the index showed a 185-point gain by 11 AM, hovering at 64,824.47 points. This occurred after the stock market reached its morning’s high of 64,609.31 points.
The energy sector accounted for the majority of the stocks that led the green movement, but the index’s growth was not sector-specific.
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The forex and rupee’s stability, the impending big earnings announcements that are anticipated for the coming week, and possible good news from the IMF’s tranche review in January are all fueling investor speculation and making traders in the market more hopeful but less certain.

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