The stock market began the trading week on a strong note

KARACHI: Despite occasional downturns, the stock market has maintained a bullish pace throughout the past week. Overall, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) remains positioned for expansion.
On Monday (today), the benchmark KSE-100 index opened at 64,514.89 points and rose to 65,069.43 points at 11 a.m. The index then dipped slightly, and by midday, it was sitting at 64,846.24 points, up 331 points.
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The index’s growth was not limited to any industry, although the firms that led the green movement were primarily from the energy and communications industries.
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Investor speculation, fuelled by key earnings reports coming this week, the stability of the forex and rupee, and potential positive news from the IMF’s tranche review in January, are all adding to the market’s optimistic uncertainty.

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