Temperature drops to 4 degrees in Lahore

LAHORE: The most recent report from the Pakistan Meteorological Department indicates that the cold wave that is engulfing Lahore has worsened, with the mercury falling as low as 4 degrees Celsius.
It was one of the coldest mornings in the city’s recent memory when residents awoke to the bitter cold.
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According to the Meteorological Department’s estimate, the daytime high might be as high as 16 degrees Celsius.
Nonetheless, many are taking extra care and layering up to fend off the cold due to the ongoing frigid weather.
The Meteorological Department reports that moderate winds are blowing through the city at a pace of 4 km/h right now.
The frigid weather is being exacerbated by these winds, which makes it seem even colder than it is outside.
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Many people have been caught off guard by this sudden drop in temperature, therefore in order to survive these freezing conditions, locals are encouraged to keep up with weather forecasts and advisories published by the Meteorological Department.