Suzuki GS 150 zero markup Installment Plan 2024

Suzuki GS 150 Installment Plan: Suzuki remains the front-runner in Pakistani car market but in the wheeler segment, the company remains a mile behind Honda, Yamaha, and other companies.
In contrast to cheap hatchbacks, Suzuki produces premium bikes. The company’s cheapest bike costs Rs335,000. The bikes are fuel efficient but are not the first pick of bike riders.

Suzuki series was the first full range of 4-stroke powered bikes as the company ended 2-stroke machines previously. Among its famous lineup, the Suzuki GS 150 remains a popular option. The bike is known for its classic frame that looks better than entry-level bikes and even performs better.

Suzuki GS 150 is well-suited to the road conditions of Asian nation and its upright riding position and comfortable suspension make it easy to maneuver on bumpy rural roads.
In Pakistan, bike makers including Suzuki jacked up all bike prices several times and now prices are in no-man’s land, practically far from the reach of customers. As customers are not able to buy bikes, and bike sales show huge dent, Suzuki ended processing fees and is offering bikes with no additional markup.

Those who are looking to get bikes on installment, please visit Suzuki authorized dealerships to get detailed information.
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