Snowfall expected in Punjab amid cold wave? Met Office clears air about social media reports

LAHORE – Extreme cold weather gripped parts of Punjab and adjoining regions, with temperature dropping to single digits, and now rumours rife that snowfall will cover Punjab cities.
Unverified reports online suggest that snowfall, unusual for Lahore and Punjab region, will cover the region amid cold wave. With fake news doing rounds online, netizens are expecting the rare snowfall view.

Amid the online rumours, Pakistan Meteorological Department dismissed forecasts circulating online about white-out in the plains of Punjab. Met Office cautioned people to stay away from fake news on social sites.

It said thick fog will persist in plain areas of Punjab, and KP while frosty weather will prevail in upper parts of KP, Pothohar region including Islamabad and Kashmir.
Around the mid of this Jan, light showers, snowfall are expected in Chitral and GB.
It said due to foggy conditions, the temperature in daytime will remain below normal. People who are having travel plans are advised to remain cautious during the foggy days.

Lahore, Pakistan weather update; incessant fog increases chill during daytime