Significant Motorway closures due to fog

ISLAMABAD: Heavy fog has continued into the first week of 2024, raising concerns among travelers nationwide.
Fog continued to cover several areas on Thursday, January 4, at three in the morning, causing the closure of important highways.
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The M1 motorway, which runs from Islamabad to Peshawar, was closed because of the dense fog that was causing visibility problems.
As a precaution, traffic was also barred from the Motorway M2, which runs from Islamabad to Lillah interchange, and the Motorway M4, which runs from Halka to Kharpa interchange.
Apart from these shutdowns, there were also reported disturbances on the Swat Motorway, which saw closures from Colonel Sher Khan Interchange to Babuzai and from Katlang to Chakdara Toll Plaza.
A representative emphasized the necessity of these closures, highlighting the safety risks related to the severe weather.
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Moreover, the M5 Motorway was closed from the Iqbalabad Interchange to Rohri, which had an additional effect on the regional transportation system.
Authorities advise travelers to use caution, follow official sources of information for updates, and, if feasible, look into alternate routes.
The persistent presence of fog in many regions of the nation emphasizes how crucial it is to exercise caution and follow safety procedures when the weather is bad.