Sheikh Rasheed’s nominations from NA-56, NA-57 approved

RAWALPINDI: Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed’s appeals against the rejection of his nomination papers in two constituencies were granted by an appellate tribunal on Thursday.
The Returning Officers’ (RO) rulings were ruled invalid by the appellate tribunal, which also authorized Sheikh Rasheed’s nomination papers for Rawalpindi’s NA-56 and NA-57 National Assembly seats.
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The tribunal had granted the former federal minister’s appeal against the rejection of his nomination papers earlier on Tuesday. Judge Mirza Waqas Rauf of the Appellate Tribunal had notified returning officers and scheduled the hearing for today, January 4.
On behalf of Sheikh Rasheed, Sardar Abdul Raziq and Sardar Shehbaz appeared in court.
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Sheikh Rasheed was accused by ROs who rejected the nomination papers of not providing all the information about his assets. One RO stated, “He did not declare his income from year 2021 to 2023 in assets papers. The value of his declared assets did not match his investments.” – INP

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