Software Testing Services

Lots of people consider the software testing insignificant and don’t ever think about it, especially the newbie in this field. The software testing process is of equal importance to planning and development. Here at Creative X Soft, we provide you a wide range of software testing services. We have an expert team who can accomplish the job with perfection.

We understand that software testing is necessary to point out any minor or major defects made in the software development process. We recommend you to utilize this service on time because if you don’t use it early, you will realize its vitality later. The software testing services by our experts will assure that the software or application you are going to deliver to your customers is reliable and of premium quality. Currently, we are offering the following software testing services:

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software testing

web site development

Web application testing

The web application testing team of Creative X Soft delivers a wide array of web applications testing services to assure you that the product or software is in compliance with usability standards and is highly functional. We test your web applications for all potential errors and reports are generated based on those tests.

Mobile application testing

The mobile application testing team of Creative X Soft is proficient in UI/UX and code evaluation. Our team guarantees that your mobile application runs the way you want. You are proffered the surety that your application is quite amazing to run on different networks and mobile devices and shows stable behaviour in every scenario. We also assure to provide you the best experience of using mobile app via reassuring its functionality, usability and consistency.

Desktop application testing

The desktop application testing team of Creative X Soft have been proffering services to clients all over the globe for many years. Our goal is to follow the latest trends to provide you the leading edge and suitable solutions.

Quality Assurance Services by Creative X Soft

Here at Creative X Soft, we try our best to assure that your software quality is best.  In this regard, we make use of following testing types for quality assurance.

Functional Testing

Our testing team assures that your software or product works exactly as defined in your specific requirements and business logic.

Performance testing

To assure reliability of your products to be delivered, our expert testing team reveals load, stress, scalability or reliability glitches.

Manual testing

We are having years of experience in manual testing so our team has full command on usability testing, functional testing and much more.

Automated testing

Our testing team have years of experience in test automation. So, in order to automate the testing procedure, we employ state-of-the-art testing tools as well as best practices for increasing productivity.

Mobile testing

Our team has experience of testing in Windows phone applications, iOS applications or android applications in several domains. So, we try our level best to test your software on hundreds of mobile models to assure quality.

Security testing

With over years of experience in information security, the team by Creative X Soft assures high quality services for application penetration testing. Our major aim is to detect the software vulnerabilities and loopholes so that we could successfully thwart intruders from accessing confidential data, or harming your business in any potential way.

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