Senators term merged areas governance programme as fraud

Ijaz Kakakhel

A legislative body of upper house of parliament on Thursday termed the Merged Areas Governance Programme (MAGP-II) worth $44 million is a fraud and there was nothing on ground. These views were expressed in a meeting of Senate Standing Committee on States and Frontier Regions was held today at Parliament House with Senator Hilalur Rehman in Chair.
The committee was briefed on the objectives of the Merged Areas Governance Programme (MAGP-II). Officials informed that this $44 Million program is funded by the UNDP and mainly focuses on border governance, support of local governance, and the delivery of basic services. The program is directly executed by the UNDP without the coordination of KP.

Senator SaniaNishtar inquired about the on-ground details of the scheme, but the officials failed to provide any concrete response. Senator HilalurRehman remarked that the scheme is clearly a fraud, as local administration and the Home Department KPK have no knowledge of this scheme, and there’s no way to identify the scheme.

The Senate Committee deliberated on the absorption of 23 Khasadars from Orakzai District and 8 Khasadars from Bajaur District. Officials stated that the 23 Khasadars from Orakzai District have been absorbed, but the 8 Khasadars from Bajaur District could not be absorbed as they retired before the absorption process.