SBP unveils details of Gold imports during 2023 December

KARACHI – The State Bank of Pakistan on Wednesday unveiled the intricate details of gold imports for December 2023.
The central bank said that the nation experienced a noteworthy downturn of 6.8% in gold imports over the first six months of the current fiscal year, resulting in a total of $13.43 billion in gold imports for Pakistan.

There has been a discernible 6.8% reduction in gold imports during the initial half of the ongoing fiscal year.

The SBP’s data indicated that during the corresponding period of the preceding fiscal year, gold imports were notably higher at $14.41 billion. The breakdown for December 2023 revealed a specific import figure of $2.38 billion.
It may be mentioned here that in December 2022, the gold import figures stood at $2.09 billion. The primary contributors to these imports were Saudi Arabia, leading with $5.776 billion, followed by the UAE at $4.192 billion, the UK at $3.680 billion, and the USA at $2.639 billion.