Saba Faisal pays token tax soon after Punjab Excise dept’s scrutiny

LAHORE –  The Punjab Excise and Taxation Department on Thursday intensified its operation against individuals defaulting on token taxes.
During a targeted operation, popular actress Saba Faisal also found herself ensnared in the Excise Department’s scrutiny.

The department uncovered that Saba Faisal’s vehicle had been misused for five years, leading to her becoming a token tax defaulter.

The Excise team conducted a thorough examination of Saba Faisal’s car at the Nawaz Sharif Interchange. Despite the identification of her vehicle as a token tax defaulter, Saba Faisal promptly rectified the situation by paying the outstanding token tax on the spot.
This crackdown is part of the Excise and Taxation Department’s ongoing efforts to ensure compliance with tax regulations and to hold defaulters accountable.