Rotary Int’l focusing on peace project to heal divided world

Rotary International President Elect 2024-25 Stephanie Urchick on Sunday said the organization working on humanitarian service across the globe had two clear visions of enhancing its membership growth and scaling up its peace pole project to heal the divided world facing climate crisis, economic turmoil and conflicts.
Addressing a media meet-up with senior journalists, Rotary International President Elect 2024-25 Stephanie Urchick and her Aide Thomas Gump accompanied by senior Rotary Pakistan leaders, Faiz Kidwai (Rotary International Director), Masrur Scheik (District Governor of Rotary District 3272) and Imran Ghaznavi (ARPIC) briefed the participants on the organization’s achievements in the country.

Stephanie Urchick said there was a need to augment the existing number of members by simply changing the existing culture of the clubs into simply irresistible by following the four priorities of the action plan that make it more meaningful, purposeful and dedicated association for serving humanity with a purpose and hope. “We want to line up people behind us who would take over the leadership from us and will carry forward the vision,” she said.
She added that the Rotary has numerous clubs or working cohorts that are eco-clubs, cooperation clubs, and satellite clubs that all operate in their communities under clear action plans and goals that were all meant to engage the masses to serve humanity with hope.
The Rotary President Elect underlined that the theme for this year was creating hope in the world which would commence from June 1, 2024. She lauded the efforts of the Rotary clubs in Pakistan, adding, “People are creating hope in Pakistan through community development and resilience initiatives in the distressed populations.”

Commenting on the other priority areas, Urchick said, “My second priority is healing a divided world through Positive Peace. There are several ways to get involved. If everyone would live The Four-Way Test instead of just reciting it, we would have a more peaceful world. I hope clubs will rally around The Four-Way Test and use it in creative ways.