Resolutions, purpose and reality..! – Pakistan Observer

Nothing like the New Year to make resolutions, right? But most of them hardly last a week, and here’s why. Most of us make resolutions that have to do only with ourselves, but if we look around, we will notice that we are all part of a bigger social network, be it a family, nation or world. And so, one way to make a successful resolution is to see whether it will benefit those outside ourselves.
Yes, I’d like to lose weight, but would losing those extra kilos give me more energy and better health in aiding people around me? If yes, then your resolution has suddenly got a bigger purpose. With more energy I will be able to put more time into work which will benefit society at large. My family will benefit, my company will too, and finally I will!

The bigger purpose propels the resolution and makes it happen. So, even as you make resolutions today, find a huge purpose.

For instance, my new year’s resolution is to complete a novel. A novel I started sixteen years ago but have never completed. Why? Because I love writing short stories, they seem easier, have a smaller time frame for completion, and more or less get me instant feedback. But a novel? And then comes the thought, what could my purpose be in writing this novel? Would it benefit society? Would it help bring about a change in thinking? And suddenly the novel’s taken a new turn in my head, and yes, I’ve already started.What’s your resolution?
It’s so interesting to realise that we live collectively for each other, and many successful businesses understand that if a product is manufactured just to make them rich, that brand often fails, whereas when something is produced that fills a collective need, it becomes an instant success. I believe the same strategy works for our resolutions. So today let’s rewrap them in our mind while seeking the good they will give others.
Maybe, my exercising will help me become less of an unhealthy burden on my family-that’s purpose, right?

Maybe, learning a new language will help me communicate my ideas to more people, and make me acceptable to the audience.
Can you see the perspective changing? You can even make it more specific, depending on who you are and what you do. Then there’s another huge purpose, we need to bring into our resolutions: Does it fit into what your purpose is in this world? Does it help you realise what part of God’s divine plan you are part of? Finally, that’s the only purpose that matters. But here’s the thing, as soon as you fit into God’s purpose for you, your resolutions happen.
Happy New Year dear friend, just align yourself with His Divine purpose this year, and watch resolutions become reality..!

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