Registration for Hindu marriages to start soon

January 31, 2024

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Lahore: After receiving notice suo motu of the lack of registration of Hindu weddings, Nadeem Ashraf, a member of the National Commission for Human Rights in Punjab, held a hearing and sent notices to the heads of the concerned departments.
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Human Rights and Minority Affairs Deputy Secretary Ayesha Pasin and Provincial Local Government Additional Secretary Muhammad Sajid Bashir stated during the hearing that the rules of the Hindu Marriage Act 2017 were being prepared, following which the Hindu marriage registration process would begin.
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The member of the commission instructed the relevant departments to finish drafting the rules by the end of February. He claimed that the action will grant the Hindu community’s long-standing demand and grant them the fundamental right to register marriages. According to an official release, the registration process for youngsters will also begin. This is a fundamental entitlement for all citizens.

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