Ramadan: Here’s is list of places with shortest & longest fasting duration

ISLAMABAD: As Ramadan approaches, the duration of daily fasting varies significantly across different geographical locations, directly correlating with daylight hours. Astronomical calculations indicate that the holy month of fasting will commence on March 12 in Pakistan.
Countries near the North Pole, such as Greenland, are set to experience prolonged fasting hours due to extended daylight, with Nuuk, Greenland, expecting the longest fasting duration of around 17 hours and 26 minutes. Conversely, regions farther south, like Porto Montt in Chile, will observe shorter fasting days, with a duration of approximately 12 hours and 44 minutes.
In Pakistan, fasting is anticipated to last almost 14 hours, with Karachi expected to observe a fasting duration of 13 hours and 54 minutes.
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These variations in fasting duration highlight the diversity of experiences during Ramadan and underscore the impact of geographical location on religious observances. Despite these differences, Muslims worldwide unite in their devotion to observing Ramadan as a time for spiritual reflection, prayer, and acts of charity.
Following are the locations with the longest fasting hours:

Nuuk, Greenland: 17 hours and 26 minutes.
Reykjavik, Iceland: 17 hours and 25 minutes.
Helsinki, Finland: 17 hours and 9 minutes.
The locations with the shortest fasting hours are as follows:
Puerto Mont, Chile: 12 hours and 44 minutes.
Christchurch, New Zealand: 12 hours and 46 minutes.
Nairobi, Kenya: 13 hours and 15 minutes.