Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Put Under Money-Laundering Investigation Following Violent Video

The FIA requests that FBR provide Rahat’s complete asset and income tax records for the previous 12 years. Famous vocalist Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is the subject of a money-laundering and tax evasion investigation by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) after it was discovered that the performer earned around Rs8 billion for domestic and overseas performances over a 12-year period.
The tax authorities’ decision comes as the well-known celebrity struggles with the controversy surrounding his aggressive behavior in the wake of the release of a shocking video purportedly showing him punching a team member repeatedly over a misplaced bottle. Tens of millions of people worldwide have watched the beating footage and were horrified.
Rahat has produced numerous Bollywood songs. As to the reports, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has been requested by the FIA to provide the complete asset and income tax records of Rahat. The singer’s full tax payment history for the last 12 years has been requested by the FBR, according to FIA sources who briefed the media. Although the artist has previously had issues with the FIA and the FBR, the substance of the accusations is extremely serious.
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After Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s former worldwide promoter Salman Ahmed disclosed that the singer had earned almost Rs8 billion in 12 years working with him, the FIA took action. Salman Ahmed claimed to have comprehensive proof that Rahat made over Rs8 billion through his management company (more than Rs1.3 billion from concerts in Pakistan and over $22 million from international tours).
Salman Ahmed stated that he was prepared to provide the FBR and the FIA with any relevant documentation, including audit and money trail. According to FBR sources, the singer’s tax payment history is utterly inconsistent with her income.
Rahat was under the administration of Salman Ahmed’s firm for over a decade, and it wasn’t until Rahat accused Salman Ahmed’s management company of misconduct that he spoke up about the singer’s income.
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