Punjab’s new MPS Policy attracts criticism

LAHORE – The Punjab has implemented “Management Pay Scale (MPS) of Punjab 2023,” effective from December 10, 2023.
Like the federal government, Punjab has carried out upward revision in pay and other allowances.

The Punjab policy, however, is different from the one introduced by the federal government in certain aspects.

The federal policy applies to existing MPS employees while that of Punjab provides fresh recruitment through open advertisement.
Due to this one, hundreds of existing senior level employees are now at risk of losing their jobs.
As per the stakeholders, the non-renewal of their contracts, as per the new policy, threatens to create substantial gaps in the administration’s operational capabilities.

Due to a ban on new recruitment and transfers, losing experienced staff will be a serious challenge for the departments already facing high workloads.
Moreover, the new policy’s requirement for re-advertisement of positions injects uncertainty and instability into the workforce.
The professionals, currently performing important tasks, fear uncertain future.

This uncertainty could demoralize the workforce, potentially diminishing their commitment and effectiveness – a risk that the Punjab government cannot afford in these times of administrative and economic challenges.
Stakeholders urged caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi to intervene for avoiding impending crisis.
Overall the new policy is commendable, its execution and implications needed a careful reconsideration.

For them, a revision of the policy to allow for the automatic applicability to existing employees like the federal policy will help resolve the issue.