Punjab govt imposes restrictions on its employees’ social media use

LAHORE – The Punjab government on Thursday decided to impose restrictions on its employees giving opinions on social media.
The latest reports said that the government prepared regulations in this regard, bringing changes to the Punjab Government Servants’ Rules of 1966.

According to the summary, the government employees will not be allowed to express their opinions on any websites, and during the use of social media, government employees cannot like, comment, or share without the authorization of the competent authority.

The summary states that government employees use Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram.
During the use of social and digital media, the government employees will be restricted from expressing their opinions because the behavior of government employees during the use of social media does not align with government standards.
The use of social media by government employees often leads to the dissemination of information contrary to political norms.

Similarly, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has also issued a policy regarding government employees.
Under this policy, the government officials will be required to obtain permission before sharing information related to government affairs on social media.
In this regard, directives have been issued concerning information related to the government affairs shared on social media platforms.  The directive states that the government employees will not be allowed to become part of any political and ideological discussions on the social media platforms.

“The Government officials must obtain permission from the government to participate in various platforms of the social media,” say the authorities.
Any government employee, they say, will not share any information related to the ideological matters and the country on the social media platforms.