Punjab Food Authority Fined 1100 Eateries for using Substandard Cooking Oil

Throughout the province, the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has implemented stringent measures to discourage the use of substandard cooking oil in operations.4,000 food locations have received warning notifications throughout the operation, and 1,100 food shops have been hit with steep fines.
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PFA Director General Muhammad Asim Javaid stated in an interview with a local media source that the move was made to guarantee adherence to strict food safety regulations and to enforce the Punjab Pure Substandard Food Regulations. He continued by saying that 5,679 food outlets were visited by the inspection teams throughout the crackdown.
Substandard cooking methods were found in frightening numbers during the inspections, which presented a major risk to public health. Following this, 47 restaurants were issued emergency prohibition orders (EPOs) that forced them to immediately stop producing food until further notice.
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Javaid pointed out that the main focus of the operation was to prevent rotten oil from being reused. The enforcement teams carried out many raids, collected a sizable amount of inferior and expired edible oil, and issued warnings and fines. About 6,300 gallons of this kind of oil were found.