Punjab bans sale of nine substandard syrups

LAHORE – The Punjab government has banned the sale and use of nine syrups in the province.
The banned syrups include Allpherne, Zevirol, Texcol DM, Texcol EX, Virol, Thorax DM, Asthanail, Bronyl and Speczine.

According to a notification issued by the Punjab Health Department, nine syrups from four companies namely Alpharma, Zee Laboratories, Texcol Pharmaceuticals and Virol Pharmaceuticals were found to be adulterated with substandard ethanol by the Drug Testing Laboratory.

Consumption of these syrups mainly used for the treatment of cough, sore throat, allergies, vomiting, nausea and hepatitis can cause serious health hazards.
The Punjab government has directed drug inspectors across the province to seize these syrups from medical stores and pharmacies and take legal action against the violators.
The public has been advised to avoid using these syrups and report any adverse effects to a nearest health facility.