PML-N announces tickets for candidates from Balochistan for NA, PA seats

Fida Hussnain

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) on Wednesday announced tickets for the candidates for the seats of National Assembly as well as Balochistan Assembly for the upcoming general elections.
The PML-N made the announcement after the parliamentary board concluded the interviews of the candidates concerned.The lists containing the names of 16 candidates for the National Assembly and 51 for Balochistan Assembly were approved and signed by PML-N Election Cell Chairman Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar.

The candidates for the NA seats including Nawab Zada Toor GulJugzai for NA-251, Sardar Mohammad Yaqoob Khan Nasir for NA-252, Mir Dostain Khan Domki for NA-253, Abdul Ghafoor for NA-254, Mir Khan Muhammad Jamali for NA-255, Abdul Khaliq for NA-256, Jaam Kamal Khan for NA-257, Aslam Bulaidi for NA-258, Yaqoob Bezenjo for NA-259, Sardar Fateh Muhammad Hasani for NA-260, Mir Ataullah Langove for NA-261 and Nawab Salman Khan Khilji for NA-262.

For Balochistan Assembly seats, the tickets were issued for 51 candidates. The candidates who were issued tickets included Haji Mir Hassan for PB-1, Jaffar Khan Mandokhel for PB-2, Abdul Jabbar Kakar for PB-3, Sardar AbdurRehman Khetran for PB-4, Mohammad Khan for PB-5, Sardar Masood Ali Khan for PB-6, Noor Muhammad for PB-7, Mir Dostain Khan Domki for PB-8, NawabJangayz Khan Marri for PB-9, Mir Mohammad Asim Kurd for PB-12, Mohammad Khan for PB-14, Mir Shaukat Ali for PB-13, Saleem Ahmed for PB-15, Faiq Ali Jamali for PB-16, HazoorBakhsh for PB-18, Mir Fayaz Tariq Zehri for PB-19, SardarZadaAlam Khan Bezenjo for PB-20, Jaam Kamal Khan for PB-21 and PB-22, Mir Haider Ali Mohammad Hasani for PB-23, Muhammad Ashraf Sagar for PB-30, Barkat Ali for PB-27, Dr. Ali Baloch for PB-28, Mir Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Mohammad Hasani for PB-31, SardarzadaUmair Mohammad Hasani for PB-32, Mir ShoaibNausherwani for PB-33, SardarFateh Mohammad Hasani for PB-34, Mir AttaullahLangrove for PB-36, Mir Jameel Ahmed Shahwani for PB-37, Nawab Salman Khilji for PB-39, Malik Mohammad Muslah Din Mengal for PB-46,Muhammad RazaKhilji for PB-40, SardarSaharGul Khan Khilji for PB-41, Sheikh Zarq Khan MandoKheil, NaseemurRehman Khan MulaKheil, Noor Mohammad for PB-44, Haji Arz Muhammad Barach for PB-45, Aimal Khan for PB-47, HabbiburRehman Khan Tareen for PB-48, Syed Mohammad Usman for PB-49, Malik Fareed Peer Ali Zai for PB-50 and Haji Abdul Mannan Khan Durani for PB-51.
Earlier today, PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif claimed that they had made a comprehensive plan to address the issues of the public. “Inform the public about the PML-N’s economic agenda in your respective constituencies,” said Shehbaz Sharif while talking to the party leaders at the party’s headquarters in Lahore’s Model Town area on Wednesday.
Shehbaz Sharif said that redressal of the issues and problems caused by the previous PTI government during the four years’ rule would take time.He claimed that it is only the PML-N which could provide relief to the public, saying that only they have proper solutions to address the problems of the general masses. “The public needs to differentiate between those who meet the promises and those who break them by casting votes on Feb 8,” he added.