Pillion Riding Banned in Quetta Amid Security Concerns

February 03, 2024

Latest News, Pakistan

QUETTA: In response to recent security threats and a surge in terrorism and target-killing incidents, the provincial government of Balochistan has imposed a ban on pillion riding in the provincial capital, Quetta.
The ban, effective from February 2 to February 5, was announced by the Balochistan Home Department in a statement issued on Friday. The decision comes under Section 144, aimed at enhancing security measures and ensuring public safety during this period of heightened security concerns.
The ban on pillion riding is a precautionary measure taken to mitigate potential risks and protect the citizens of Quetta from security threats. However, certain exemptions have been made to accommodate specific groups. Elderly citizens, women, children, security personnel, and journalists have been exempted from the restriction on pillion riding, considering their unique circumstances and essential needs.
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This proactive step by the provincial government underscores its commitment to maintaining law and order and safeguarding the well-being of the residents of Quetta. It also reflects the government’s responsiveness to emerging security challenges and its determination to address them effectively.

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