Pakistan’s First Double-Story Underpass Construction Launched in Lahore

Lahore: Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has laid the foundation stone for Pakistan’s first two-story underpass.
The construction of the two-storey underpass near Garden Town Barkat Market aims to alleviate traffic congestion and facilitate smoother connectivity between Barkat Market, Canal Road, Jinnah Hospital, and Iqbal Town. The first underpass, spanning 700 meters, will connect Barkat Market to Canal Road, while the second, extending 1.4 kilometers, will link Iqbal Town to Barkat Market.
In addition to these underpasses, a U-turn will be constructed at Bheekay Wala Chowk, along with another U-turn on Canal Road. This initiative is expected to enhance traffic flow and provide commuters with more efficient travel routes.
CM Mohsin Naqvi unveiled the project named “Rustam Zaman Great Gamma Crossing,” honoring the national hero and world wrestling champion, Gamma Pehalwan. The project is slated for completion within six months, although efforts are underway to expedite the timeline for its early fruition, possibly within three to four months. Naqvi expressed his desire for the project to be completed ahead of schedule to ensure the public can benefit from its advantages at the earliest opportunity.
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The commencement of the construction of Pakistan’s first two-level underpass reflects the government’s commitment to modernizing infrastructure and addressing urban mobility challenges. It is anticipated that this project will significantly enhance transportation efficiency and contribute to the overall development and prosperity of Lahore.