Pakistan banned Nine Cough syrups that included Substandard Ethanol

LAHORE: Punjab’s health authorities outlawed the manufacturing and distribution of nine cough syrups. The Punjab Health Department formally announced that the usage and sale of nine syrups from four pharmaceutical businesses are prohibited.
The syrups had inferior ethanol content, according to Drug Testing Laboratory officials, and were primarily utilized by patients with chest illnesses. According to officials, these syrups contain inferior ethanol, which can have a major negative impact on people’s health.
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The primary uses of the list of prohibited syrups produced by Alpharma, Zee Laboratories, Texcol Pharmaceuticals, and Virol Pharmaceuticals include hepatitis, allergies, coughing, and vomiting.
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For the sake of public safety, Punjabi health officials also disclosed the syrups’ names and badge numbers. Included in it are the following badge numbers: Allpherne 3002, Zevirol 3266 and 3267, Texcol EX 09953, Virol 35080, Thorax 23-110, Asthanail 23-30, Bronyl BL013 and Specize 276.
Drug regulators are also instructed to take steps to stop selling the aforementioned syrups and to confiscate them from pharmacies and medical supply stores.