Pakistan Army the Most Trustworthy Institution of Pakistan, Survey Suggests

ISLAMABAD: According to a recent nationwide Ipsos survey, the Pakistan Army has the highest level of confidence (74 percent approval rating), while the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has the lowest level of trust out of eight institutions.
In January 2024, Voice of America (VOA) commissioned Ipsos Pakistan to conduct a survey titled “Political Participation Landscape of Pakistani Youth.” There were 2,050 survey participants in the sample. Respondents in the target age range (18–34) came from all around the nation.
With a 58 percent approval rating, the Supreme Court of Pakistan is ranked by respondents as the second most trusted institution in the nation. According to the respondents, political parties have a 50% approval rating, while the media is the third most trusted institution.
Comparably, 2 out of 3 respondents anticipate free and fair elections, and 3 out of 4 respondents think they will lead the nation in the correct path. Additionally, 88% of respondents think that casting a ballot matters.
According to the report, Pakistani young hardly ever keep themselves informed or involved in politics. Merely 54% of young people indicated that they keep themselves updated about local politics, politicians, and their platforms. Only 29%, on the other hand, claim to support specific political figures and parties and plan to attend their marches and processions.
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When asked if they will vote in the forthcoming general elections on February 8, the respondents said they would. Approximately 70% stated they would cast a ballot in the general elections. The survey also shows that, between 2018 and 2024, 1 in 5 respondents changed their favored party, 78 percent stated they would vote for the same party, and 22 percent said they intended to do so.
What is the most important attribute a candidate should have in order to win over young voters? When asked if they saw the candidate’s honesty, integrity, and high ethical standards before casting their vote, 56% of respondents said they did.
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The poll indicates that while health and education are the top priority, economic issues are the most salient. The primary national issue, cited by 70% of participants, is inflation, followed by poverty (59%). The survey also reveals that young people see health and education as the most important issues, while they rank military meddling in politics as the least important.