Nurse’s Alleged Actions Linked to 10 Deaths

Nurse allegedly substituted fentanyl intravenous drips with tap water.
Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford, Oregon, faces a devastating situation following allegations that a nurse substituted fentanyl intravenous drips with tap water, resulting in the deaths of at least 10 patients. The shocking incident has prompted investigations into medicine theft, causing widespread concern.
Last month, officials at the medical center raised alarms with the police, suspecting a former employee of medication theft. Conflicting reports regarding the number of deaths emerged, with some sources citing nine fatalities and others indicating a total of 10.
According to multiple informants, the implicated nurse allegedly administered non-sterile tap water to patients, concealing the misuse of the hospital’s pain medication, particularly fentanyl. The substitution is believed to have affected patients since at least the fall of 2022.
Families of two deceased patients, Samuel Allison (36) and Barry Samsten (74), were reportedly informed by hospital officials that the deaths resulted from infections due to the substitution of their pain medication with non-sterile tap water.
Medford police Lt. Geoff Kirkpatrick expressed concern about potential adverse patient care resulting from such behavior, though the full extent of its impact is yet to be determined. While not confirming a direct link between deaths and medication theft, he emphasized an ongoing investigation into potential adverse patient outcomes.
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The police department has communicated with affected patients about the medication swap but has not disclosed the exact number of deaths or individuals impacted.
In response to the unfolding tragedy, the hospital issued a statement expressing distress over the situation and affirmed its collaboration with law enforcement. The Oregon Health Authority has also acknowledged an investigation, focusing on “reports that the incidents led to health care-associated infections that severely injured, and may have caused the deaths of, several patients.” Whether any arrests have been made in connection to the incident remains unclear.
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