No room for lifetime disqualification in constitution: CJP

ISLAMABAD – On Friday, the Pakistani Supreme Court reopened its hearing in the case concerning politicians’ lifetime disqualification under Article 62(1)(f).
The case is being heard by a seven-member SC larger bench, which is led by Chief Justice of Pakistan Qazi Faez Isa and includes Justices Mansoor Ali Shah, Yahya Afridi, Aminuddin Khan, Jamal Khan Mandokhail, Muhammad Ali Mazhar, and Musarrat Hilali.
The Chief Justice stated during the hearing that lifetime disqualification is not permitted by the Constitution. It’s merely a theory that I made up.
“Mistakes on nomination papers can’t make a candidate ineligible for lifetime,” the speaker continued.
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According to Justice Isa, parliament shouldn’t pass laws that are so difficult for the average person to understand. Sadly, he said, people weren’t taken into consideration. He clarified that the case’s hearing was about national issues rather than personal or political matters.
“The individual matters will be heard by another bench next week,” said the judge.
During Thursday’s proceedings, the Chief Justice made an observation regarding whether the legislation of 326 parliamentarians could be abolished by the wisdom of five people. He said that it was also against Islam to be disqualified for life.
He said it was impossible to view the laws that the elected members of parliament had introduced with hatred. He pointed out that the period of disqualification was not mentioned in Article 62(1)(f).
According to the CJP, the court intended to resolve the matter quickly in order to avoid any confusion among returning officers regarding the Election Act and in preparation for the general elections.
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Attorney Ali Imran of the Supreme Court Bar Association announced that they were dropping their lawsuit. “The five-year disqualification and the Election Act are supported by the SCBA,” he continued.
We’ve halted the hearing to observe Friday prayers.