New School Timings in Lahore, Punjab Jan 2024

The interim government in Punjab on Monday announced new schools timings in the metropolis as the Punjab is currently grappling with severe cold wave.
As the mercury dipped below average, Punjab Chief Minister Naqvi relaxed timings for all private and government schools. The decision was made as thick fog covered various regions of Punjab.

In a recent announcement, CM said classes will commence at 9:30 am from January 10 2024.

“Due to the ongoing winter wave, schools will resume on 10th Jan 2024. From 10th – 22nd January, schools will start at 9:30 am,” Naqvi said.
CM also urged students to cover themselves with jackets and warm clothes as winter tightened grip.

Besides Punjab, the interim government of Sindh also revised hours for both government and private educational institutions for the whole month of January 2024.

School Education and Literacy Department shared a notification schools under the jurisdiction of the department would start classes from 9:00 am.
It also mentioned that schools in the Karachi would remain at 8:30 am.
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