New NIC Smart Card Fee Update 2024; Check Details

February 03, 2024

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LAHORE – The National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) issues smart National Identity Cards (NICs) to residents of Pakistan. The validity and authenticity of the ID card are guaranteed by contemporary technology and well-defined business processes.
The national identity card is the first thing that people need since it’s required to get other documents such as a license, NTN, bank account, passport, and phone service, among others. All Pakistani citizens who are at least eighteen years old may apply for an ID card.

Applying for a New Smart NIC can be done via the Pak Identity website or by going to the NADRA Registration Center (NRC). By visiting the Pak Identity website, you may apply for your Smart National Identity Card (SNIC) and have it sent right to your door. You cannot use the website to apply for a new or fresh CNIC.

There will be no changes to the standard New Smart National Identity Card charge as of February 2024. The usual category charge is Rs 750, and the urgent category fee is Rs 1,500. Rs 2,500 is given to the Nadra in the executive category.

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