NADRA smart NICOP fee for UAE January 2024 update

NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis) is a key ID document for Pakistanis who are living abroad.
NADRA holds the authority to manage, record, and issue NICOP to Pakistani diaspora living in UAE or other nations.

All citizens can get an NICOP card easily as it allows visa-free travel to Pakistan in the case of dual nationality.

For Pakistani residents in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other countries, obtaining the new Smart NICOP can be done by visiting any Nadra center. Those in the UAE specifically can use the Pak Identity app to renew their NICOP without having to visit a physical center.
NADRA has different fee structures for Smart NICOP based on regions, and the UAE falls under Zone B. The fee for obtaining or renewing the Smart NICOP in this region is as follows: [Fee details not provided].

Normal Fee
Urgent Fee
Executive Fee


How to Apply for NICOP Online
To apply online for NICOP through NADRA platform, Click below:
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