Mushaal stresses youth’s vital role in innovation, economic progress

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Human Rights and Women Empowerment, Mushaal Hussein Mullick, has highlighted the crucial role of the youth in driving technological innovation and fostering the overall economic progress of the country.
She addressed the audience on the second day of the Future-Fest event at the Expo Centre here on Saturday. The SAPM stressed that innovative technology significantly propels national progress across diverse domains. “The adoption of cutting-edge technologies enhances productivity and efficiency in industries. Concepts like automation and artificial intelligence not only reduce costs but also create new markets, fostering economic growth and global competitiveness.

In the era of digital transformation, cultivating a tech-savvy workforce becomes crucial to strengthen our nations standing in the rapidly evolving global economy,” she asserted. Mullick said the active involvement of youths in innovation, investment, and the overall economy is crucial for driving progress.

Recognizing and harnessing the potential of the younger generation is a key to building a prosperous and sustainable future, she remarked. Young individuals bring a fresh perspective and a natural inclination toward innovation, she added. She was of the view that youth-led startups and ventures are pivotal in shaping the economic landscape by enhancing efficiency, creating jobs, and expanding markets.
“Furthermore, their active participation in the digital economy and online platforms contributes to the evolution of business models. Investing in youth education, skill development, and entrepreneurship allows us to harness the potential of the younger generation, making them a driving force behind economic innovation and prosperity,” she explained.
She appreciated the remarkable commitment and vision displayed by Future Fest in providing free online IT training to one million youth. This initiative would provide an opportunity for empowering individuals with valuable skills. By investment in youth, Future Fest is contributing significantly to the overall technological advancement of the nation.