Motorway Police Foils Drug Smuggling, Seizes 182kg Heroin & Opium

Islamabad: In a significant crackdown, the Motorway Police successfully thwarted a massive drug smuggling attempt, seizing a staggering 182 kilograms of high-quality heroin and opium worth millions of rupees. The operation, codenamed M-One Swabi, was executed near Swabi Toll Plaza.
The Motorway Police were conducting a routine briefing for drivers at the Swabi Toll Plaza when a suspicious vehicle attempted to evade inspection. Despite efforts to stop the suspect, the driver managed to flee the scene in a dangerous manner.
Undeterred, the Motorway Police pursued the suspicious vehicle, ensuring the safety of other road users in the process. The chase continued until the driver abandoned the vehicle near Swabi, taking advantage of the darkness to escape on foot.
Upon conducting a thorough search of the abandoned vehicle, law enforcement uncovered a substantial quantity of narcotics. The haul included 5.128 kilograms of heroin and 5.53 kilograms of opium.
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The Motorway Police promptly alerted additional units to the scene, initiating an intensive search operation to apprehend the suspect responsible for the drug smuggling attempt. The significant seizure of narcotics highlights the vigilance and effectiveness of the Motorway Police in combating illicit activities.
The investigation is ongoing, with law enforcement committed to tracking down the culprit and ensuring that justice is served. The successful operation underscores the dedication of the Motorway Police to maintaining the safety and security of the nation’s roadways.
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