Live telecast of cases to increase transparency in the justice system: CJP

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa said on Saturday that live telecasting of Supreme Court proceedings would allow ordinary citizens to watch the administration of justice and bring more transparency to the system.
During a ceremony at the Federal Judicial Academy, the chief justice stated that those studying law could benefit greatly from watching court hearings, emphasizing the importance of technology as an effective tool for accessing knowledge.
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He added that the use of technology has also saved previous sources, referring to projects launched in Punjab and other regions.
Chief Justice Isa emphasized the importance of restoring the common man’s trust in the delivery of justice, recalling that he was the first to order live transmission of a Practice and Procedure Act case after taking office.
“Justice should not only be delivered, but also seen,” said the chief justice, urging the audience to treat all parties fairly.
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He regretted that the court staff had not previously received the respect they deserved. The Supreme Court staff, on the other hand, would now receive training at the Federal Judicial Academy.
Pakistan’s top judge praised Supreme Court Justice Mansoor Ali Shah for instituting changes in the academy, where judges receive training in stages.
He reminded the audience that civil judges are the first in the legal system to hear from applicants. The chief justice stated that better trained civil judges would reduce the burden of cases on the courts.
The comments about transparency and trust came as the top judiciary has been heavily criticized in the past for “judicial activism” and its role in deposing elected prime ministers while strengthening dictators.