Latest price of Yamaha YBR 125 after first increase in 2024

Yamaha Motor Pakistan, the maker of Yamaha bikes in Pakistan, raised prices of its entire lineup in the range amid changing market conditions and increasing landscape.
The company of famous automaker raised the prices as major factor that impacted the cost of manufacturing for two-wheelers in the country.

A report by the Automobile Manufacturing Association also revealed that Pakistan saw a 12.30pc year-on-year decline in sales of motorcycles.

In the case of Yamaha, the company faced a drop in sales as well, witnessing around 4,000 units sold in the first half of FY24, in contrast to 5,800 units sold in the previous FY.
Amid soaring prices, and a drop in sales, Yamaha jolted buyers with a fresh price hike. With the latest hike, the rate of Yamaha YBR 125 climbed by Rs17,500 to Rs466,500.
YB 125Z remains same at Rs396000, Yamaha YBZ costs Rs454,000, YBRG Black soared to a whopping Rs485,000 while Yamaha YBR Matte Dark Gray and Orange Color now stands at Rs488,000.

Yamaha YB 125Z-DX Price in Pakistan
Yamaha YBR G 125 Black Price in Pakistan

Yamaha bikes 2024 Price 

Latest Price
Price Difference

Rs. 0

YB-125Z DX
Rs. 13,500

Rs. 13,500

YBR-125G (Black)
Rs. 14,000

YBR-125G (Matte Gray/Orange)
Rs. 14,000