KU holds faculty capacity building on IP Rights

The Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization of the University of Karachi organized a two-day long workshop for the faculty capacity building on IP Rights at the KU Chinese Teachers Memorial Auditorium on Wednesday.The chief guest of the inaugural session of the first day of the workshop, the Chairman of Sindh Higher Education Commission, Professor Dr S. M. Tariq Rafi during his address mentioned that he believes this workshop would help create awareness among the faculty members and scholars that Intellectual Property (IP) Rights will give legal protection to research work of our teachers, scholars, and researchers. He asked them to learn more about IP Rights, its responsibilities, prospects, and challenges in detail.
He shared that the provincial HEC is taking steps to bring academia and the business community closer so that our universities do not lose talent and their products can be safeguarded through IP Rights.   The Chairman Sindh HEC Professor Dr Tariq Rafi shared that, we are providing all possible support to teachers and researchers to carry out their research and register creative works under IP Rights. There is a need to further legislate on it.Meanwhile, the KU Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi said that the KU is one of the universities which have taken field experts on boards at the department level and making necessary changes in their curriculum after getting inputs from the relevant industry.

He observed that the tragedy of this country is that rather than doing justice to their responsibilities the department and individuals attempt to fulfill the responsibilities of others. He mentioned that the University of Karachi can provide manpower to the industries as per their needs.