Keamari Police net drug dealers, seize explosives

Keamari Districts Pak Colony Police Station conducted targeted operations at two separate locations in Old Golimar, resulting in the arrest of two suspects engaged in drug dealing and gang-related activities, as confirmed by SSP Arif Aslam Rao.
The apprehended individuals, identified as Javed and Zaid Ahmed, were found in possession of explosives, drugs, and over 0.2 million rupees.  A hand grenade was seized from Javed, while Zaid Ahmed was found with 115 grams of crystal meth and 0.2 million rupees in cash.  Both detainees have ties to drug peddling and gang warfare, with Javed being sought by the police in two attempted murder cases. The arrests were made in Old Golimar, and ongoing investigations include the registration of cases against the accused.