iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro Max Installment Plans in Pakistan 2024

Apple iPhones continue to remain in fashion and this year, Apple unveiled the iPhone 15 lineup and a lot of the latest iOS devices have been changed. The iPhone 15 series is the latest edition of Apple’s current flagship line, and people are getting their hands on new devices for have novel features.
Globally, the iPhone 15 starting price stands at $799 for the basic version, but in Pakistan price is exorbitantly high in wake of massive taxation.

As the features box saw a lot of improvement, people in countries like Pakistan are paying huge costs to get their mobile phones upgraded.

In Pakistan, Apple devices are already expensive due to heavy taxes. With a sharp increase in demand, the cost of these phones is also climbing higher.
Here are easy leasing options, several commercial banks are offering the iPhone 15 phones in installments.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB (NON PTA) – Total Price Rs535,000

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB Non-PTA

Total Price
Rs 535,000

9 Months Plan
Rs 59,450

12 Months Plan
Rs 44,583

The above-mentioned installment plan is with Faysal Bank
iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro Max new prices in Pakistan (Dec update)