Imran urges supporters to ‘wield vote as weapon’

Incarcerated former premier Imran Khan on Friday urged his party supporters to ‘wield their votes as their weapons’ on February 8.
Imran terms the ongoing cases, including the Toshakhana, Cypher, and Iddat against him as “frivolous, baseless, and politically motivated.”

Imran emphasised that these cases aimed to undermine his credibility and demoralize voters. He pointed out the serious nature of the cypher case, warning about foreign interference in Pakistan’s internal matters.

In a post on X, the ex-premier said, “When the cypher case emerged, I warned that unless we dealt with it decisively, no Prime Minister in the future would be able to withstand such blatant foreign interference in Pakistan’s internal matters.” He claims that the manipulation of the legal process, denying him the right to cross-examine witnesses, was a tactic orchestrated to conceal a political betrayal comparable to that of Mir Jaffer of Bengal.
Despite being convicted in the Toshakhana case, Imran claimed financial integrity and asserted that the case was fabricated due to a lack of evidence of financial corruption against him.
Imran said that the case accusing him of marrying Bushra Bibi, his third wife, in an un-Islamic manner was now being expedited. The PTI leader suggested that the motive behind this case was to discredit his vision of establishing Pakistan on the principles of Riasat-e Madinah.

He claimed the trial lacked fairness and aimed to declare him guilty hastily. Imran stated. They are concluding it in haste without an iota of fairness in the trial just to announce me guilty, he added.