Honda CD 70 zero markup Installment Plans with Bank Jan 2024

Pakistani auto industry remains in dire straits since 2022 due to import curbs and subsequent production pauses, and Honda raised prices of two-wheelers several times with prices moving up. Despite the skyrocketing prices, Honda CD 70 continues to rake in sales as compared to other companies including Suzuki and Yamaha.
As other companies are facing hard times due to elevated prices and less interested customers, Honda CD 70 2024 leads the bike market due to its dependability, and ease of maintenance other than the brand value.

The bike remains the most selling unit of the oldest bike maker as Pakistanis trust the Honda brand, despite the fact that it does not come with any kind of update.

The bike’s decent fuel average and sufficient performance for a utility vehicle makes it the finest option, if you use it for daily commute. Honda CD 70 is also a top choice for those who work as delivery riders or provide other services on wheels.
After back-to-back price updates, the current price of the Honda CD 70 stands at Rs157,900.

(With Bank Alfalah)

Honda CD 70 2024
Total Price Rs157,900

3 Months Plan
Rs52,700 (zero mark-up)

6 Months Plan
Rs26,300 (zero mark-up)

9 Months Plan

12 Months Plan

18 Months Plan

24 Months Plan

36 Months Plan

Honda CD 70 Fuel Average
45-55 kilometers per liter

Honda CD 70 2024 Colors
Black, Red and Blue
Honda CD 70 for sale in Pakistan
Please visit local market or check e-portal for updated rates of used Honda CD 70
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