Honda CD 70 2024 Latest Price in Pakistan [February Update]

ISLAMABAD: In Pakistan, two-wheelers remain the most popular mode of transportation, with Honda emerging as the dominant player in the sector. Despite facing no significant updates, the Honda CD 70 continues to lead sales charts, underscoring its enduring popularity among commuters.
Known for its sturdy production and reliable performance, Honda bikes, particularly the CD 70 model, have earned a reputation for durability in the face of rough usage and challenging infrastructure. The 2024 variant of the Honda CD 70 has become a favorite among consumers due to its fuel efficiency and cost-effective maintenance.
While Chinese and locally manufactured entry-level bikes offer cheaper alternatives, the Honda Classic 70 maintains its position as the preferred choice among consumers. Its key selling points, including low maintenance, high resale value, and lightweight body, contribute to its appeal.
Despite fluctuations in the value of the rupee and consecutive price hikes, the Honda CD 70 continues to dominate sales charts, outselling other local bikes. However, the increasing prices pose challenges for consumers looking to purchase the Honda CD 70 and other models.
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Overall, the consistent performance and enduring popularity of the Honda CD 70 reflect its strong position in Pakistan’s two-wheeler market, providing commuters with a reliable and cost-effective means of transportation.

In Jan 2024, the current price of Honda CD 70 stands at Rs157,900.

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Honda CD70

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Honda CD 70 Fuel Average
Honda CD 70 offers an average of 50 to 60 kilometers per liter
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Honda CD 70 comes in Red, Black and Blue colors
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Visit local market or check e-portal for updated rates of used Honda CD 70.